Handy Rental Tips Pt. 1: How to Book a Rental Car

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog post about car rentals! As always, the name is George and welcome to Cyber Ski! The last post brought about some pretty interesting reactions. Some people thought I was pretty spot on while others thought it was an unnecessary expense.

To that, I think that it is all about personal preference. Some thing that you think is unnecessary can just be something that other people want. So, you go do you. I’m not going to go around telling people what they shouldn’t do based on my preferences. I’m here to give useful information.

Speaking of useful information, I got a question asking how to book a rental car. This can strike some as a very rudimentary question. Frankly, I’m glad someone asked because it brought things into better perspective for me. If I wanted to give useful information, it would be good to start with the basics. As such, today I will be talking about how to book a rental car!

Step 1: Get Your Ducks in a Row

This step refers to sorting out basic information that you need. For example:

  • Why you need the car
  • How long will you need it for
  • What kind of car you need
  • How many will be riding
  • What your budget is
  • Where do you need the car

Knowing this information beforehand is crucial if you want to rent out the right sort of vehicle. If you can, write them down and keep it with you when you do your search. It helps to streamline the search and keeps your organized.

Step 2: Locate and Contact a Suitable Company

You can try looking for information through a phonebook (if you have one). Although, if I needed a rental, I go online and use my trusted search engine. I type in “car rentals near me” or “car rental + my location”.

If you are not all that comfortable with trusting information off the web, you can go ask your friends and acquaintances. Social media is there and you should take advantage of it. When you do get a good recommendation or find information about a company, get in touch with them.

You can use their social media accounts and send them a message and schedule an on-site visit.

Step 3: On-site Visit and Booking

When you do go for a visit, try to remember these few details:

  • Document everything (photos and videos)
  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly
  • Ask if they have any ongoing promos
  • Study the contract before signing

Once you get that stuff out of the way, you sign on the dotted line and pay the initial fee. While a lot of rental companies prefer full payment, they will allow partial payment and will collect the final fee once the vehicle is returned.

Step 4: ENJOY!

Congratulations, you’ve made your first rental booking!

Bottom Line

Securing a rental car doesn’t have to feel like you’re doing rocket science. It’s a pretty straightforward! What issues have you guys come across when securing a rental car?