Handy Rental Tips Pt. 2: How You Cant Tell If a Rental Agency is Legit

There are a lot of pretty terrible people out in the world. As much as I would want that to be false, I hear several instances of people who got scammed by fake rental agencies. What I find to be highly unfortunate about this whole this is that we now live in an era where information is so readily available. However, the ease in which false information can be passed around is just as easy.

The last thing I would ever want for my readers to experience is getting gypped by an illegal car rental firm. So I wanted to come up with a few tips on how you can determine if a rental agency is wholly legitimate.

1: Check Out How Long They Have Been in Business

Longevity is one of they key things you should look at when considering taking out a rental vehicle. If you are looking to rent locally, you can find out from the local government office to check out business permits and when they started to exist.

2: Look For Information Online

Even if a blog post is from 2001, it can still be found if you know that you are searching for. Look up the name of the company that you are looking for and add the word ‘scam’ or ‘issues’ at the end of the sentence.

You can also look up their social media presence. No matter how old a business is, they will try to change along with the times. Since social media is the new way to connect with consumers, they should have one.

If someone wrote a scathing review, it will show up in your search engine. A word of advice when you read bad reviews, do not let that be the last straw in the decision making process. You must always be subjective when it comes to forming consumer decisions. After all, you’d end up robbing yourself of good experiences if you believe every single bad review ever written about a business.

3: Check with the Chamber of Commerce

This is the best place to look up companies. If there has been any complaint made, there will be records there. Or the government employees will find the name familiar. Always remember that people like to talk. If there is anything bad about the company you are looking at, you will find it.

4: Scan Their Official Website

Any legitimate business will have a good website (that is not social media). They must have a phone number and an actual address. If they have a brick and mortar location, they will have a Google Maps link to it since that’s pretty much what they do nowadays.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of different ways to determine if a business is legitimate or not. The power of the internet is at your very fingertips so you should make use of it. When you help other people weed out the fake businesses, we all have better chances of patronizing wholly legitimate ones.

What steps do you rely on to determine the legitimacy of a car rental business?