High-End Rental Cars: Are They Worth the Price Tag?

Hey there, you guys! It’s your good buddy George here! I’m back with an article packed discussion about rental cars. Have you ever seen a music video that was just littered with fancy cars? Not just any sort of fancy car, the sort that dreams are made of! Turn on the TV or go on YouTube and it seems that sports cars are commonplace—even required—as it seems.

There are higher end car rental companies like www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/france/paris/ whose fleets are comprised of cars that you would probably only see during a car show or if you visited Monaco or the Middle East. Of course, if you wanted to rent out a sports car or a high-end convertible for a day or two, you’d best be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

So when you think about it, are they worth the price tag? That was something that I got to thinking about. When you use the word ‘luxury’ with ‘rental car’ most imagine sedans that are worth several millions of dollars. They’re actually not wrong about that. However, the term ‘luxury’ is no longer restricted to high-end sedans. They now include the likes of Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari, and so many more.

What are you really paying for with the rental fee when you rent a high-end vehicle?

The Experience

It goes without saying that not everyone will be able to experience owning a high-end vehicle. When you rent out a high luxury for an evening or a special date, you are paying for the experience of being able to drive one.

Experiencing how responsive or powerful an automotive wonder is something that is going to be something else.

The Attention

A lot of rental companies that have really expensive cars in their fleet know to be discreet about their branding. They know that when people rent their vehicles, they are also paying for the illusion of grandeur.

If you roll around town in a Lamborghini Murcielago, you know you are going to be noticed. This, in itself, is not a bad thing. Everyone wants to be able to experience a truly luxurious time. So if you want to experience what it is like to be envied and admired by complete strangers, renting out a sports car is worth the price you pay.

The Memories

When my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, I rented out a Mini Cooper in Miami for them. It was something that my father always wanted to drive and I knew for a fact that my mum always loved it when my dad drove around with her.

They got to experience what it was like rolling around town in the car of their dreams. It made for some pretty special memories that are hard to forget.

Bottom Line

To be honest, when you are weighing the details above versus the rental fee, there isn’t much contest. The experience, the attention, and the memories that you get from a rental is worth the rental fee. Car rental companies are there to provide convenience and unique experiences.

So what you guys think? Do you think renting out a high-end luxury vehicle is worth the rental fee?