My Personal Checklist: What I Look For In My Rental Car Experience

Hey there, everyone! It’s me your good buddy George coming back with more information. Last post garnered some pretty positive feedback from you guys. I really like what we’re building here and I truly appreciate all the emails and the questions. If you guys do have negative opinions, you’re welcome to send them. After all, the best sorts of conversations are the ones you have with people who don’t see eye to eye with.

It’s a great teachable moment on both ends. Speaking of conversations, a majority of the questions that I got in my inbox was about my personal list on what I look for when I rent out a car. It really got me thinking so thank you for that one, you guys!

This is what I realized are parts of my checklist for a rental vehicle:

1: If it’s the car I chose

This one is pretty basic, to be honest. I have had some pretty bad experiences where the vehicle I got on the day of my rental was something completely different. That was something that I promised myself I’d try to avoid like the plague if I could.

One of the ways that I keep track whether or not it’s the car I selected is by looking at the serial number. Usually, it will be on the dashboard. I check around for any dings or bumps (if there are any) that I noticed when I chose it. While it would be good to get a car that has no damages to it, it would still be good to be realistic with our expectations.

2: Customer Service from start to finish

Usually, a rental company will be easy to talk to. One of the best signs that I am dealing with a good rental company is that they will tell me that there are ‘add-ons’ but will not try to hard sell me anything. I also look for companies that are easy to get in touch with and highly responsive.

The last thing I would ever want is to be left hanging when I have a rather important question or concern. Also, I determine which company I will go with again with how they handle the post-rental. This refers to asking for any feedback or sorting out any issues.

There was this one instance where I was charged a late fee despite the fact that I wasn’t late. I particularly loved how they were quite apologetic and offered me credit for my next rental. While others said that was a ploy, I appreciate their efforts at addressing my complaint in a highly professional manner. I never felt unheard or dismissed. Those are the kind of companies you should deal with.

Bottom Line

There are other things that I do look for when I rent out a vehicle but if I listed them all, it would be too long. One thing you need to remember is that my preferences may not exactly jive with yours. You can make use of my opinions to help to build your own decisions but do not ever feel that my way is the only way to go about it.

What do you look for in your car rental experiences?