Be a Contributor

Hey guys, it’s your good buddy George here! As you may know, I’m really passionate about cars, car rentals, and even travel. I built this blog to serve as the home for highly useful information about those topics.

While I would have loved to say that it is something that I could satisfactorily take on myself, this is hardly the case. These topics are broad and numerous. So if I wanted to be able to truly provide a good and comprehensive service for my readers, this is something that I should not tackle alone. Which is why my dear readers, I would like to announce that I am opening this website up for contributors!

In case you’re wondering if you would be a good fit, I’ve rounded up a few frequently asked questions!

Do you have to be a professional writer?

No, you do not! All that I would ask is that those who plan on contributing articles make sure that their submissions are thoroughly researched and carry an informative nature. If you are going to be writing about negative reviews, I would prefer that they are personal accounts with established evidence.

What topics are welcome?

As long as the main topic of the article is car rentals and cars in relation to travel, your submissions are okay. I appreciate discussions that are able to put in a unique or highly informative perspective about the whole process of renting a vehicle or what it could be used for.

How will you send in your submission?

You can email me a MS Word document at Of course, if I choose to publish your submission, you will be given full credits for it.

I do hope to hear from you guys! Don’t hesitate to send me any questions or concerns.