Hey there, guys! It’s me again—your good buddy George! As you may know, I am heavily invested in providing a good source of information for anyone who is interested in learning about car rentals. The articles I publish are primarily about tips and tricks of car rentals and the many things that they could be used for.

I came to realize that this digital space would actually be used for other things as well. I’m speaking directly to anyone who has an event, business, or any affiliate endeavor that is related to car rentals. I would like to open this space to hold your online ads.

I got to thinking that I, like a majority of other consumers, find information off the web. As this site is all about useful information on how to book rental cars and the many things that they could be used for, it would only make sense to host the ads of businesses that offer that. If you are running such a business, Cyber Ski is a blog that will have readers that are already interested in what you have to offer. It simply makes sense.

In light of that, I got thinking about what sort of ads would be welcome. I narrowed it down to these:

Banners and Posters

This is the most common ad that can be placed on a website. This usually reflects the most pertinent information like if you’re presently holding a promo or anything that can score sweet deals for the readers. If you do not have any such banners, you can give me a message and I can hook you up.

Sponsored Content

If there is anything that I and other consumers highly appreciate, it is details. While a well-made banner is the key to get our attention, it is ultimately the elaborated information that will push the consumer to actually patronizing a product or business. As such, if you so choose, I can write a more in-depth discussion about your business or product.

I am open to considering other forms of online advertising. If you would like to discuss that, just send me a message. I hope that this space can be used to promote good companies and brands. If there is one thing that I need to emphasize is that I need events, brands, and businesses to be wholly legitimate. I will not accept any ad requests from those that would seek to harm my readers.