About Cyber Ski

Welcome and good day! I am super excited to welcome you to my blog, Cyber Ski! My name is George Charlton and I decided to create this blog for several reasons. But first, I want you guys to have a better idea of who I am, what I do, and what this wonderful blog is going to be about.

Who I Am

The person behind this site is me, George Charlton. I am a bit of a car freak and I have a distinct interest in the rental car industry. I simply think it’s fascinating the way that they are able to connect people to vehicles that they may have felt was out of reach. After all, it is through rental car industry that the likes of Aston Martin and even Lamborghini can be yours for a day!

In terms of a profession, I have enjoyed quite a lucrative career in the field of sales. Still, there was something that I still wanted to do and I decided to start this blog.

What is Cyber Ski

This blog is going to be the repository of tips, tricks, and useful information about car rentals. In my years of being into cars and looking into car rentals, I’ve realized that a lot of people have information that is simply incorrect or misguided.

A car rental agency can only provide a truly good service if they and their clients are on the same page. The trouble is there are certain questions that some clients may be too shy to ask. This blog aims to provide a wealth on information regarding rental cars and rental services.

This way, consumers can build better decisions regarding the rental processes and travel. If there is anything in particular that I can talk about, do let me know! You guys can message me at info@cyberski.net!